We help leaders and teams find alignment and synergy.


Who would not benefit from synergy? How many minutes, hours and days are lost to misalignment? We offer a fresh perspective on new and old problems. We teach teams to respond with confidence and focus using leadership techniques deployed everyday by professional rescuers.

“Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.”
— Stephen Covey
Photo by vernonwiley/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by vernonwiley/iStock / Getty Images


How much time do you spend tangled in daily issues? How clearly does your team understand the mission? Many leaders need help planning what's next; we can help.

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Our team takes a fresh perspective on success. We have gathered knowledge from years of sales, marketing and collaboration and blended it with real-world emergency management experience. We promise our solutions are different and engaging.

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